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VOLUME 84, NO. 1—January, February, March 2020


5 Digest Donors    
6 Café    
8 Calling All Paphiophiles   Harold Koopowitz
10 Orchids and Coffee: Grounds For Alarm   Carol Siegel
20 The Trouble with European Orchids  

Phillip Cribb

26 Paphiopedilum trungkienii
A New Species From Vietnam Formerly Described as a Variety of Paphiopedilum concolor

Olaf Gruss,
Leonid Averyanov, Harold Koopowitz, Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Chu Xuan Canh

32 Orchid Hunting in the Dolomites  

Phillip Cribb

40 Bulbophyllum arminii and Armin Szilvinyi   Rudolf Jenny
44 What I’ve Learned in the Ten Years Since Building My Greenhouse   Edward Lysek
53 Book Review: Field Guide To The Orchids Of Europe and the Mediterranean   Harold Koopowitz
55 Orchid Digest Diamond Award Winners  

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