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VOLUME 84, NO. 2—April, May, June 2020


65 Digest Donors    
66 Café    
70 Orchids and Coleoptera: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles   Carol Siegel
84 Three Species of the Genus Cymbidium Found in Vietnam Cym. kanran, Cym. nanulum and Cym. omeiense   Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Nguyen Van Canh, Vuong Thanh Binh, and Olaf Gruss
92 Growing Under Lights  

Robert Williams

98 Phragmipedium cabrejosii Damian, M. Díaz & Pupulin
A New Species From Peru

Olaf Gruss

102 Ghosts, Swamp Angels, and Gators  

Nicholas Larghi

106 Orchids of Chile: Terrestrials from the End of the World  

Jaime Espejo and Patricio Novoa

118 Orchid Digest Diamond Award Winners  

120 Gallery: Orchids and Birds    
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